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Food Pairing

Check in with us from time to time as we plan to progressively build a collection of food and wine pairings for you to try. The recipes that follow are our suggestions for dishes that will delight the senses, heighten your experience and offer a chance to truly appreciate the wines our vineyard creates.

paired with GREENWAY Pinot Grigio


This dish is all about balance: the smokiness of the fish, with both the creamy ricotta and a zing from the sweet and salty vinaigrette. We served this at our first Bruncheon by the Brook and it was a smash!

It’s a beautiful and delicate dish that is magic paired with GREENWAY Pinot Grigio.


  • Trout 400gms
  • Fresh ricotta- about 4 tablespoons
  • Freshly picked Mint
  • Baby green peas –about 4 tablespoons
  • Baby spinach

Citrus vinaigrette

  • Orange zest
  • Lemon zest
  • Juice of an orange
  • Juice of 2 lemons
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Allow your volume to ensure half citrus to half olive oil
  • Honey - 2 tablespoons - not to sweeten but for balance to cut out the acid
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  • micro herbs


To prepare the trout:
400gms Trout cured about an hour in a mixture sugar and salt 50/50
Rinse off and pat dry
Smoke in an apple and Cherrywood smoker at 120 degrees for 20 minutes

Vinaigrette: Whisk together to taste - allow for a ‘zing’

To Plate

Baby' spinach
Top with flakes of trout
4 ‘blobs’ of ricotta/plate
Drizzling the dressing - approx a tablespoon
Garnish with micro herbs

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