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The grapes that make Greenway Wines are sourced only from our vineyard, from vines that are more than 15 years old.  We are committed to make our single varietal wines only when the vintage is outstanding thus the grapes are at their best. 

Nurtured from 100% single estate grown fruit – this Greenway Momento series is a pure representation of the terroir – soil, climate, orientation and seasons that combine to produce our distinctive and elegant wine.

The Momento release celebrates our first vintages, and we ask you to join us in the celebration, create a moment to relax and take it all in… 

Crafted for sharing and inspired conversations Greenway Wines are designed to capture that moment where flavour ignites the palate and senses..........we dare you to let them ignite yours!




Greenway Wines 2017 'Bubbles' Sparkling Fiano

When the weather is warm and the food is spicy... hmmm what to drink ?

(Drum Roll)....Look no further dear friends than the wonderful Sparkling Fiano from Greenway! Grown in Broke-Fordwich, and made with an essence of fun...


AUD 28.00 each



Greenway Wines 2014 'Grace' Gewurz Traminer

Medal Winner 2015 Australian Small Winemakers Show

Sold Out

It is not often that the term “old-fashioned” is a total and sincere compliment, but for this wine it is.

A modern, perfectly-crafted version of wonderful olde-worlde Gewurtz... On the nose, it is Juicy Fruit, apricots, lychees and mandarins.


AUD 16.00 each
Out of stockNo stock

Greenway Wines 2017 Grigio

The grape Pinot Gris is the starting point for this wine, and it displays a classical dominant flavour and taste of fresh, but ripe, pears.

On the nose, you may also get a hint of strawberries and roses, and the palate is soft and smooth, yet with a touch of limey zing. It has a flavoursome dryness that continues on a long satisfying finish that has a top note of green apples...


AUD 26.00 each

Greenway Wines 2016 'Favoloso' Fiano

This amazing wine has a unique character of being able to be two different wines in one ( with probably infinite variations in between!).

When very well chilled its fabulous pear and lemon aromas lead the participant to a zippily refreshing, almost dry-cider like palate that is long, dry and highly restorative with its invigorating acid and lengthy finish.


AUD 20.00 each


GREENWAY 2017 D'oro Gewurz desert wine 

Gewurtztraminer is a German variety that can be made in a range of styles ... as a bone-chillingly dry light table wine, a semi-sweet afternoon quaffer, right through to a “stand your spoon up in it” sweet liqueur.

The style of this 2017 offering from Greenway Wines is on the sweeter end of the spectrum without going the full Monty. It is designed to sit beautifully with light desserts and cheeseboards, especially those featuring blue cheese and dried fruit.


AUD 35.00 each


Greenway Wines 2016 'Blush' Rose

What would you get if you crossed a tangelo, strawberries, a grapevine and a pomegranate? And then made a rosé wine with the fruit?... a tangy berry great poem with alcohol? No, you’d have a Greenway Blush...


AUD 20.00 each

Greenway Wines 2014 'Red Shed' Rose

It must be the merlot that makes this rosé just magic! Shiraz has given it fabulous strawberries on the nose and palate, but the really wonderful part is the cranberry lick which just makes you go back for more!

A rose’ on the drier end of the spectrum, this is exceedingly French without being snooty... so refreshingly berry without being sweet, so tantalisingly moreish...


AUD 18.00 each


Greenway Wines 2011 'Momento' Merlot

Wine making details: This fruit was picked in mid february 2011, following a perfect warm growing season. It was cold soaked for 2 days then fermented in open fermenter for 6 days with cap plunging.  After fermentation, the wine was pressed to barrels.  Malolactic fermentation was carried out in oak, followed by maturation in American & French oak barriques for 24 months.


AUD 26.00 each

Greenway Wines 2010 'Momento' Merlot

Wine making details: This fruit was picked in early February 2010 at the end of a wonderful wine growing summer in Broke. The fruit was cold soaked for 2 days then fermented in open fermenter for 6 days with frequent cap plunging. 

After ferment, the wine was pressed to barrels. Malolactic fermentation was carried out in oak, followed by maturation in American & French oak barriques for 16 months.


AUD 22.00 each


Greenway Wines 2014 'The Architect' Shiraz

The first two things that grab you about this wine are basically its classiness and its depth...we all know a person who is physically larger than the average but who is also as elegant as a pencil pine. This is that person in wine form....fine tannins, direct down-the-middle uncompromising acid. Hanging from that framework is voluminous flavour, structure and body.

The nose is dark sultry berries, with cedar wood and cloves. Although the palate has an oaky tarriness reminiscent of the best of the older style European reds, it epitomizes Australian winemaking technical correctness with crisp, clean, primary fruit flavours, and an acid/tannin balance to die for. The finish is exceptional with spicy red fruits topped with a caramel marzipan waft.


AUD 30.00 each

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